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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thoughts on the Lakewood Police murders

Perhaps like many of you, I was stunned and angered by the brutality of the murder of four Lakewood, Washington police officers last Sunday evening. The fact that each of these police officers were parents and family members makes this especially difficult to absorb. Brian Wurts, President of the Lakewood Police Independent Guild, made an extensive blog entry on the Guild website regarding this senseless act; here is a short excerpt:

We lost our brothers and sister yesterday. We have not slept and to be honest I do not know what more I am able to do. I do not want to sleep; we want this criminal brought to justice. Like my members with attest I will sit at my computer and write to them when I need to put it out there. Tonight I will write to them and anyone else who will listen about our four heroes. I will not get into why this suspect was out on the streets in this writing but that time will come. Instead I would like to share a couple comments about our friends who were taken away from us and their loved ones. I have never cried like I have over the past 16 hours and I hope sharing a couple things about these individuals will bring those citizens we are truly proud to serve closer to us.
Since Mr. Wurt wrote that entry the suspect was in fact killed by an officer of the Seattle Police Department. For those who are interested in making a benevolence gift to the families of the slain officers, here is the LPIG website. Also, the LPIG address is: P.O. Box 99579 Lakewood, WA 98499.