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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A High Rent Murder

It's hard to believe, but even in death murder victim Alice Ortiz is being held to her lease contract by her the tune of $2,821.23.

I recall reading this sad news story late last year: Alice Ortiz and her family were massacred on Christmas Eve last year in their Covina, California apartment. Covina is a suburb in the Los Angeles area.

While Alice is well beyond the worries of this world, her landlord still "wants the green." An article in the Daily Bulletin goes on:

Now the landlord, Broadstone Foothill Apartment Homes, wants its money, $2,821.23 in all, according to documents obtained Wednesday.

A Jan. 29, itemized invoice to Ortiz's survivors claims the dead woman's estate owes $1,655 to the apartment complex on North Central Avenue for "insufficient notice to vacate."

The company also billed Ortiz for 12 days' rent and other fees accrued in January, weeks after she died.
The family's attorney, Scott Nord, said, "this is just low."

I agree.

Thank you for Prof. Beyer bringing this to my attention, through the Wills, Trusts and Estates Prof. Blog

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